What is Hands & Voices all about?

We are a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the professionals who serve them. We are a parent-driven, parent/professional collaborative group that is unbiased towards communication modes and methods. Our diverse membership includes those who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families who communicate orally, with signs, cue, and/or combined methods. We exist to help our children reach their highest potential.

What can Hands & Voices do for my family?

We provide connection, information, advocacy, and community. Our Guide By Your Side program matches families with parent guides trained to provide nonbiased information and support for whatever path each family chooses. We maintain a free lending library, produce a monthly e-newsletter, and send out the quarterly national newspaper The Communicator, all packed with resources specific to the needs of parents raising deaf and hard of hearing children. We sponsor speakers and workshops to teach advocacy, safety, and other topics vital to our members. We also host free social events to foster community and prevent isolation. Many parents of deaf and hard of hearing children report that they had never even met a deaf or hard of hearing person before they met their own child. Meeting other families overcoming similar challenges can be a powerful and affirming experience. 

What does Hands & Voices do for Delaware?

We believe our deaf or hard of hearing children have a fundamental human right to communication, regardless of their mode or method of communication. We believe that there is no one communication choice that will work for all children who are deaf or hard of hearing, so we work to provide access to good information that's free from a sponsoring agenda or ideology. We get meaningfully involved in early hearing detection and intervention programs (EHDI), educational advocacy, and other systems to improve them from an end-user perspective as only a group of determined parents can.

How can I get involved?

Any way that makes sense for you and your family! Do you need a parent guide? Are you ready to train to be a parent guide for other families? Are you fired up to speak about your children's rights in Dover? The first step is to join Hands & Voices. We are currently extremely lucky to be able to offer free annual membership due to the tremendous support we receive through grants and donations.  May this always be true!

Membership is FREE, and benefits include:

  • The Communicator  Hands & Voices quarterly national newspaper delivered to your door
  • Monthly emailed chapter newsletter
  • Reduced fees to attend workshops
  • Social events
  • Advocacy assistance
  • Local/National/International Parent/Professional networks
  • Your own free copy of The Book of Choice

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"What works for your child is what makes the choice right"

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Upcoming Events


  • Chapter meeting October 24, 6PM at TLK in Peoples Plaza in Glasgow.  If you can’t make it in person, you can join us on Google Hangouts. Please note, this is NOT the last Tuesday of the month. We are meeting 1 week early to avoid Halloween.


  • Hayride and Hot Dog Roast November 12, 2-5pm at Coleman’s Tree Farm! Cost is $5 per person.  Register online now!
  • Chapter meeting November 28, 6PM at TLK in Peoples Plaza in Glasgow.  If you can’t make it in person, you can join us on Google Hangouts.


  • There will be no chapter meeting in December.

Additional Workshops are always available, hosted all over the state by Parent Information Center of Delaware! Check out their calendar here.